Blu180 Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation has become a requirement for companies looking to maximize marketing ROI, and stay ahead of the competition.   Whether the company is B2C or B2B there are certain functions within an organization which sales and marketing persons should simply not be doing repeatedly.   Large amounts of man hours are wasted in sending emails sporadically and following up on cold or luke warm leads.

Marketing Automation solves this entire dilemma by allowing a sophisticated software program to communicate with prospects at every step of the sales cycle, while tracking their every movement and behavior.   The end result is that only hot leads get sent to sales teams thus maximizing their time and ability to close sales.

Blu180 has worked with developers and specialized firms to create an offering of Marketing Automation that is more competitive than anything available on the market today.   The Blu180 Marketing Automation platform is only offered through approved Reseller Partners (we do not sell direct)  and is an extremely competitive offering with packages starting at $500 / month MSRP.

If you are an end client looking to implement Marketing Automation contact us today and we will refer you to an authorized Partner who can service your needs.   For all partner inquiries , get in touch and speak to one of our consultants today.



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